Juan Soto

Mutant with the singular power to channel a particular earth spirit from another world.


Slender Hispanic man in his 30’s. Usually dressed in worn, rugged work clothes, such as T-Shirt and jeans.

Transformed his body is entirely clear crystal, vaguely humanoid, with no mouth or nose visible.


Before his mutation activated he worked as a janitor in a small clothing factory. Average intelligence.

He was arrested by the police after he had assaulted a couple of muggers in an alleyway. He had been absent from work for 2 days at that point. The police were unable to get more than 3 stock phrases from him, and no other communication seemed possible. He was handed over to Project WideAwake after investigation revealed he had used a mutant power.
Daystar made arrangements to have him stay with the Legion, on the condition that he be kept from harming others.

Quickly after arriving in the School he would communicate with Loreli in snippets of song lyrics.

Mage of the Balance identified the spirit as Chthon and refused to exorcise it, saying that the spirit is generally good, so it must have some reason for involvement in the affairs of mortals.

He has slowly developed a greater ability to communicate and act in a normal manner.

His communications have revealed an insightfulness into a person’s behavior, or been prophetic in nature. Perhaps Chthon has information, senses, or a different perspective that allows it to notice things impossible for Juan to notice.

Juan Soto

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