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What has been discovered

  1. Juan Soto has the singular mutant power to channel one particular spirit, an earth elemental from another world referred to as “Chthon”. The alien thoughts from Chthon has impaired Juan’s ability to communicate clearly. When Chthon fully enters into Juan, Juan changes to a crystalline biped.
  2. Juan Soto recites a lyric from a song just before he changes: “The ends justify my means. All they ever do is delay/ my every attempt to evade/ the end of the world!”
  3. The “Mage of the Balance” has a book he found that slowly reveals things to him, such as magic spells and pieces of knowledge. He found the book in an empty cave, and gained access to it by defeating a spirit of darkness on the astral plane. Most of the book in unreadable to him.
  4. A being known referred to as “the devil” has been helping a mutant, who calls him “Demonic Wizard”, to summon demons in an attempt to gather energy to open a gateway to another dimension.
  5. When the Demonic Wizard almost succeeded and was stopped by high school age mutants, the devil withdrew support, and began supporting an infant.
  6. Loreli says her grandmother is a god, while it has been revealed that her father is Arthur Baker, a mutant with the ability to live a long time at the expense of bad luck in any area that he spends time in.
  7. Loreli’s mutant abilities (Healing and Ring of positive energy) irritate the Demonic Wizard more than the more effective abilities of other mutants.
  8. A spirit haunting an office building encourages the PCs to follow it instead of “the master of puppets” who “doesn’t care whether you live or die”.

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